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NBART Publishes Position Statement on Spirometry

The NBART has published a position statement on spirometry testing by Respiratory Therapists.

CSRT Publishes Position Statement on Use of Electronic Cigarettes

The Canadian Society of Respiratory Therapists (CSRT) calls for immediate action to eliminate the availability and the use of electronic cigarette as a smoking cessation tool as there is no conclusive evidence available as to the safety and efficacy of these products as well as insufficient regulations governing the electronic cigarette industry.

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Dying with Dignity

The CSRT Board of Directors approved today a position statement that supports the Supreme Court of Canada's ruling that will ensure that individuals have the opportunity to receive medical aid in dying. This position will be communicated to provincial and federal ministers of health, other health care organizations and key stakeholders. For more information on the CSRT Position Statement, click here.

NBART Supports Declaration of Death by Respiratory Therapists

The NBART has published a Position Statement on Pronouncement of Death by Respiratory Therapists.

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CSRT Releases Position Statement

The CSRT has released a position statement on The Respiratory Therapist's Role in Mechanical Ventilation. This is a result of extensive discussions from RTs on the professional practice listserv. In the interest of patient safety, the CSRT strongly advocates for the involvement of a respiratory therapist in all therapeutic interventions pertaining to mechanical ventilation to optimize patient care, safety and best practice outcomes.


National Alliance of Respiratory Therapy Regulatory Bodies H1N1 Position Statement

Safe and Effective Respiratory Therapy Services A Priority During Second Wave of H1N1 Influenza A. pdfFull position statement available here .

Canadian Thoracic Society Publishes Position Paper on Spirometry

The Canadian Thoracic Society Pulmonary Function Standards Clinical Assembly is proud to announce the release of the first Canadian position statement on the use of spirometry in primary care.

Position Statement Aerosol Generating Medical Procedures During an H1N1 Influenza A Pandemic


Aerosol-generating medical procedures (AGMPs) are any procedure carried out on a patient that can induce the production of aerosols of various sizes, including droplet nuclei.

Position Statement on Medication Reconciliation Released

The NBART has recently released a position statement on the role of Respiratory Therapists in the medication reconciliation process.

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